Residential Security Team

It is not just sufficient to afford protection to our Principal and his family while away from their home. We must also consider the security of the residence and put security measures in place. A residential security team should be used wherever possible. And they should be assisted by alarms, monitors, and cameras to protect the residence and the surrounding property.

Our Bali Residential Security Team is more diverse than any other role within the close protection operation. The RST is wholly responsible for the security of the Principal’s Villa and everything that occurs there. The RST will also protect the Principal and his family while he is in his home if required.

A full breakdown of the RST duties is listed below:

• Monitor and control all entries and exits.
• Monitor all perimeters and fences.
• Control access and egress of workers and staff.
• Receive mail and post. (X-ray for safety)
• Patrol grounds.
• Secure all internal areas. (Cars, Garages, Outhouses, Pool houses, etc.)
• Monitor CCTV.
• Monitor Alarm systems.
• Monitor Fire systems.
• Liaise with the Principal and staff concerning residence matters.
• Key holding for entire residence and vehicles.
• Organise repairs and general maintenance.
• Greet and identify guests.
• Carry out vehicle searches of persons entering (Unknowns and workers)
• Organise parking during events at the residence.
• Check invitations.
• Screen phone calls to the primary residence. (If required)
• Ensure Health and Safety requirements are adhered to at residence.
• Maintain vehicles (Identify service schedules etc.)
• Protect the Principal and Family!

The list is endless, but anything that occurs or will occur at the Villa will fall to the RST to organize and oversee.

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Security Industry Authority Training Standards.
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