Private Investigations

We Offer Our Services To Private Citizens, Lawyers, Insurance Companies And Businesses. We Can Perform Confidential Research For Legal, Financial Or Criminal Investigations. At Security Insider, We Employ Discreet, Legal, And Professional Tactics To Discover Or Prevent Situations Of Harm, Deceit And Fraud To An Individual Or Company.

Our Past Cases Include Corporate Espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, Fraudulent Claims, Among Other Criminal And Civil Assignments. This Service Has Mostly Been Combined With Surveillance. We Undertake And Produce From Publicly Available Information & Intelligence Of Which Targets An Individual Or Company. We Do This By Utilizing Online Tools, Public Records And Social Media. OSINT Gathering Is a Very Powerful Tool To Determine An Individual Or Companies Real Identity.

Information Is Extracted From Publicly Available Databases Globally To Include Mass Media, Research, Photos, And Geospatial Information. If Information Is Available That Is Non-Classified, Then We At Security Insider, Will Find It. With The Rise Of The Internet And Social Media, Boots On The Ground Are Of The Past. Security Insider Can Now Swiftly Sift Through Mountains Of Intelligence At The Stroke Of a Keyboard By Utilizing The Latest In Technology And The Best Minds In This Massive Industry. If You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment At Your Convenience, Then Please Click “Book A Zoom Meeting.” And Look For; “Free 30 Min Intro Call.”
We Offer Field Operatives With Over 50 Years Of Collective Global Experience To Monitor Activities And Gather Evidence In Both Still Image And High Quality Video format. On Assignment We Are Able To Record a Specific Target Or Event. At Security Insider, We Use Surveillance For Intelligence Gathering Of Which We Submit ONLY To The Client.

Our Clients Include Human Rights Organizations, Lawyers, Companies And Private Individuals That Require Fact Based Imagery And Video. This Material Evidence Is Then Securely Presented To You, Our Client, With No Bias And Confidentiality Assured. Our Surveillance Targets Are Never Approached. We Provide a Discreet & Ethical Service Without Alerting The Subject. Our Teams Have Been Deployed As Combat Cameras In Hotspots Around The Globe And As Shadow Cameras In Discreet Environments.

Much Of Our Recent Work Has Been Covert & Undercover. We Do Not EVER Post On Social Media Platforms Any Part Of Any Investigations That We Oversee. We Conduct Ourselves Impartially When Undertaking a Contract, This Is Extended To Both Our Client And The Target Of Interest. If You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment At Your Convenience, Then Please Click “Book A Zoom Meeting.” And Look For; “Free 30 Min Intro Call.”
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