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Crypto Scams

When there is Doubt… There is No Doubt!

Majujaya Crypto Scams: Firstly, We track a target Bitcoin wallet to see transaction history. Secondly, Our Research Can Find out When It shows up anywhere else on other websites? Thirdly, When it shows up as a Possible scam, etc.? Our Service Will provide up-to-date information on transactions, current balance, and other Bitcoin wallets associated with the target account. Our reports include Scam Alerts, Website Appearances, Public Sightings, Possible IP Addresses, Using VPN or VPS, and Transaction History.


Further, We Will Source More information on where that target is located, through email and telephone, of the initial approach. Furthermore, We set clients’ minds at ease by offering you Red Flags based on only the research facts. This research will highlight or trace who else could be involved in this approach. A friend or family member? When a website is flagged, we can get more information left behind that is part of the same suspected scam.


Moreover, are you worried about sending crypto to an unknown person or company? Been approached with a product or service, and Bitcoin is the only method of payment offered? Finally, Did You Receive calls or emails trying to extort you? Did Someone contact you about the information you wish to keep private? Majujaya Will Identify These Kind Of Crypto Scams And Their Approaches. 

Crypto Scams - Be AWARE

Is this familiar;

“I know what you have been doing online.” “We have recorded screenshots.” “Our Team Has your contact/friends lists, and I will share this with everyone unless you send me money. Here is my Bitcoin wallet.” We will set clients’ minds at ease by offering you Red Flags based on only the research facts. 


Finally, Majujaya Crypto Scams Report will include a Balance to have the last 50 transactions for every address, date, BTC amount, and USD value of every transaction. If The account is active? Has the target changed the bitcoin address? By transferring the balance and using a new address? The report will include a QR code so you can share it with others or use it as a quick check if approached again with the same Bitcoin address.

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