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Boots On The Ground

  • G20 Background Security For Private Individuals In Bali, Indonesia)
  • Security Travel Companion Services Throughout Europe & SE Asia.
  • Shadow – Discreet To Accompany Clients When Needed. 
  • Private Security Driver Through SE Asia.
  • Villa Or Premises Protection – RST – (Residential Security Team)
  • High-Value Goods Handling And Delivery Worldwide.
  • General Travel Companion As Needed. (Globally)
  • In-Person 1-on-1 Safety & Security Assistance Deployment – RealTime.
  • Female Agents Are Also Available For Various Tasks.
  • Pre Venue, Location Security Physical Checks.
  • Surveillance & Tracking Services. (Globally)
  • Security Guard Training. (Deployment In Multiple Locations)
  • Bug Sweeping – Technical Surveillance Deployment Countermeasures.
  • Close Protection Training. (Deployment Training Team In Various Locations.)
  • Furthermore, The Above List Of Applications Is Not Endless.
  • Finally, We Can Consider Many Types Of Deployment Based On Your Needs.
Contact Us. Majujaya. Member Of The British Bodyguard Association.
Contact Us. Majujaya. Security Industry Authority Training Standards.
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