Welcome To Majujaya! We Are Available When You Are, To Advise When Needed. The Team Includes Active Personal Protection Officers (PPOs), Close Protection Specialists. (CPOs) And OSINT Specialist Investigators with A Combined Experience of Over 40 Years. We Have Various Close Protection Security Experiences, Including Maritime, Personal Protection, Surveillance, and Residential Security. We Also Work with Celebrities, HNW Individuals, and The Private Sector.


Firstly, Majujaya Consultants Have Now Extended The Services to Include the General Public. With Strong Interpersonal Skills, The Team Includes Natural Communicators Who Can Advise, Brief, and Develop Excellent Working Relationships. We Are Capable and Credible, Working at All Levels with Tact and Understanding. We Work “On The Ground” And Remotely Through Our “Online Security Consultancy” and Advise Clients Globally.

Meet Some Of The Majujaya Team

Sharky Private Investigator


Sharky is a physically fit, well-presented Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and an OSINT specialist Investigator. He has various close protection security experiences, including Maritime Security, Personal Protection, Life Safety Consultant, Travel Safely Advisor, and Residential Security. He has trained as a Life Safety Coach And Personal Security Trainer. 


Equally, Over the past 22 years, he has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Australasia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, Cambodia, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Africa, Central and Southern America, and Indonesia. Furthermore, he advises Business Owners, Politicians, Celebrities, And Individuals on the importance of Security and Safety Awareness. With his company, Majujaya. He recommends applying this knowledge to reduce the risk of a perceived or real threat in all aspects of a person’s life. 


With Majujaya, Sharky has travelled extensively, protecting executives when travelling to foreign countries—with strong interpersonal skills, being a natural communicator who will advise, brief, and develop excellent working relationships. 


With extensive knowledge of the Military and Civilian arenas. Sharky Shares the Majujaya knowledge in bite-sized Training & Coaching sessions. He is capable and credible, working at all levels with tact and understanding. Being at both disastrous events in Bali, the last one being Oct 1, 2005, on Jimbaran Beach, Bali.


Sharky is the first to attend to the injured victims and witness the public’s response at the scene. He decided to be more proactively involved in personal security and awareness and share this knowledge with the general public. Hence, being engaged with Majujaya. He states, You Are Responsible For Your Safety And Security, Not The Government, Military, Police, Or Your Mother.” This knowledge is offered to you, complimenting whatever security measures you already have.

Anne Private Investigator


Since owning various service industry businesses, Anne listened to clients talk about the lack of Life Safety Tools & Advice. And the lack of interest or skill sets from local sources, By creating Majujaya, Anne and her Husband decided to pivot from Life Coaching and start a company explicitly offering Life Safety Coaching And Security Consulting.


She is a great communicator, patient in all situations, and able to listen. Anne created Majujaya to offer private investigations, security advice, online investigations, and security consultancy. In a professional, transparent, and honest manner, which she felt was lacking. She has contributed significantly to the softer side of the private security industry with her team, including understanding a client’s needs before offering any solution.


Secondly, Anne has travelled extensively over the last 15 years to include Australia, The United Kingdom, Russia, Georgia, SE Asia, and other countries. Unlike most, this was to undertake subject knowledge in private investigation and security property management. Rather than sit on a beach, She created a company with her Husband to access this market of need.


Having been approached initially as a mystery shopper and hotel guest. Assessing internal security issues of a given property, Anne decided to expand those experiences By Creating Majujaya Security Consultants.


Thirdly, However, when COVID-19 struck the globe, she saw a need to offer Security Insider related services to people who could not travel freely. Through Majujaya, She opened the door for a new direction and grasped it with both hands. And, along with her Husband’s skillsets, and a great team, she decided to pursue this company full-time without looking back. For security or personal safety concerns, allow us to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs. We offer this service with complete confidentiality and privacy assured. 

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"You Are Responsible For Your Safety And Security, Not The Government, Military, Police, Or Your Mother."

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