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Security Consultants

Majujaya Security Consultants Conduct Meetings With You and Will Include Tips And Insight on Personal Safety Guidance. What To Expect? Firstly, When You Contact Us, you can start with a free consultation. Whereby We Can Understand Your Concerns, Questions, Worries, And Anything You Wish To Discuss. Or, You Can Jump Right In And Book A Meeting For A Specific Subject.


Furthermore, Majujaya Security Consultants Meetings Are Divided Into Different Categories That Allow Us To Be On Point, Clear, And Concise When Offering You Advice, Resources, And Choices. As An Example, Some Of Our Existing Clients Have Conducted Meetings With Us On A Variety Of Issues, Including; How To Become More Self Aware? How To Feel Safe In Your Vehicle? and Property Security Management. Home Security Consultants, Personal Safety and Security Training. How To Deal With A Kidnap Situation? Free Bodyguard Training Insights? Free Close Protection Resources, Plus More…


Ultimately, The First Step Is Learning About You, The Client, or the Principal. We Will Conduct An Informal Discussion To Understand You, And Your Concerns, Real Or Perceived. Further, Majujaya Security Consultants Do This By Asking You Questions Designed To Identify These Issues. After that, We Will Then Be Able To Discuss & Submit a Plan Of Action Of Which You Can Implement yourself. These Actionable Steps And Choices Will Then Allow You To Move Forward Within the Local Law Framework.


Finally, Utilizing Knowledge Through Our Confidential Security Consultant’s Meetings, Using Intelligence And Forward Planning. Help Reduce The Risk Of a Perceived Or Real Threat From Manifesting. If You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment At Your Convene, With Majujaya Security Consultants.

As Well As Through Our Personalized Majujaya Security Consultant’s Zoom Meeting With You, We Will Assist In Breaking Down Your Travel Plans To Include 1st, including the Method Of Travel, 2nd, Accommodations, 3rd, When You Get There, How To remain “Under The Radar,” And Much More


Further, We Conduct Live Research On Your Travel Destination, Wether Local Or International. Majujaya Security Consultants Will Furnish You With a Complete Breakdown Of Threats And Risks Raised On Top Of The Ability To Reduce These Risks By Taking Actionable And Reasonable Steps That Will Allow You Or Your Family To Conduct Those Travel Plans Safely. While This Can Include The Means Of Travel, Locations You Wish To Visit, Entertainment Venues, etc.


Finally, You Are Ultimately Responsible For Your Security Through The Choices You Make. Majujaya Security Consultant’s Job Is To Provide You With Those Choices Based On a Complete Understanding Of Your Travel Plans. All Information Shared By You Remains Confidential And Is Not Shared With Any Third Parties Without Your Explicit Consent. If You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment At Your Convenience, Please Contact Us.

Additionally, Majujaya Security Consultants Can Help You Conduct a Survey Or Surveys Remotely To Identify Areas Of Which Can Be Improved To Protect Your A; Business, B; Family, And C; Living Or Working Space, And Surrounding Area. Furthermore, These Surveys And Templates Would Be Shared With You, Which Will Highlight Perceived Or Real Threats. We Then Help You To Create An Actionable Plan That Then Empowers You To Improve The Recommendations Herein And Of Which You Have Identified Yourself.


Afterwards, The Outcome Of the Majujaya’s Security Consultant’s Meeting Would Include a Summary of Highlight Recommendations Of Actions Based On The Information Gathered From Your Assessment will teach and empower you to gather this intelligence and apply the findings yourself without the need for Expensive & Fear Based Services. Available Locally To You. Once We Have Gathered All the Required Intelligence Together, We Can Put Together An Actionable Plan Of Which You Can Apply Immediately To Secure The Safety Of The Given Premises.


Consequently, These Personalized Plans Of Actions Offered By Majujaya Security Consultants Are Then Used As a Solid Platform, Giving You Total Peace Of Mind And Also a Great Understanding When Applying Security Measures Yourself. Even If You Currently Employ Security Measures, The Results Of Your Survey Will At Least Serve As a Barometer Of Further Risk Reduction That Can Be Considered.


Further, It Will Save You a Fortune Using Local “Security Services.” If You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment With Our Majujaya Security Consultants, At Your Convenience, Then Please Contact Us.

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