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Firstly, Welcome to Majujaya. The Private Security Company That Offers Personal Security Consultant Services, OSINT Private Investigations, And Life Safety Coaching Sessions. Secondly, Our Company Will Highlight, Accessible Information, Knowledge, And Preventative Measures You Can Apply, Without Spending Fortunes Based On Fear Or Uncertainty. Thirdly, On Top Of Your Perceived Lack Of Knowledge, We Can Help You Manage And Break Down Areas Of Concern, While Proactively Understanding And Applying The Knowledge Gained From Our Sessions In The Safety And Security Arena. Furthermore, This Will Empower You When Applying Local Resources To Assist In Safeguarding You, Your Family, And Your Assets.


Further, The Private Security Company Services Include; Our Life Safety Coaching Sessions, Available Through Zoom Meetings And Can Be Taken In Bite-Sized Pieces, Allowing You To Apply The Knowledge To Your Circumstances. The Personal Security Aspect Of Our Consultancy Applies To The Physical Aspect Of Your Life, Including Travel, Home, And Safety Awareness, Including Making The Right Choices When It Comes To Contracting Or Employing Others To Be Responsible For Your Safety. Basically, Rather Than Allowing Others To Be Responsible For Your Safety, We Can Equip You To Be More Involved And Understand Exactly What Is To Be Considered, And Why.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Security Choices

Concurrently, Including Who Or Which Company, You Decide To Employ Or Contract To Protect You Or Your Assets. Talk To Our Private Security Company Personal Security Advisors For Free For Assistance. Furthermore, Our OSINT Private Investigators Can Build From Publicly Available Information Intelligence Which Targets An Individual Or Company. First, We Use Online Tools, Public Records, And Social Media. Our Confidential Investigator Services Strategies Include OSINT-Based Tools And Resources. Secondly, Our Private Security Company Offer Both Instruments And Advice To Assist You. Thirdly, all communications with Our  Consultants are Confidential And Never Shared With Any Third Party. Our Advisors Are Available To Discuss Your Needs In This Area Or The Personal Security Arena. 

You Are Responsible For Your Own Personal Security

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