Security Guard Training Course

Our Security Guard Training Course Can Be Delivered Through Our Professional, Military Experienced Trainers. This Course Is Open To Include All Genders, Race & Religions. 

Our Security Guard Training Course Will Follow The Core Elements:


1 – Roles And Responsibilities. 2 – Patrols. 3 – Vehicle Searches. 4 – Entrance and Exit Procedures. 5 – What To Do If A Suspicious Object (Potential IED) Is Discovered. 6 – Letters And Packages. 7 – Incident Management. 8 – Emergency Contacts. 9 – COVID Rules And Application.


Generally, We Learn By Doing (Cognitive Learning). One Of The Best Ways To Do This Is The Process – of “Talk Through – Walk Through – Practice” Once The Security Guard Training Has Been Completed, Guards must Have A Single Point Of Contact For Management Within The Company Or Residence Of Which Will Employ These Quality Guards.


Core Duties: 

Primarily, The Core Duties Of A Guard Are Listed Below, and These Duties We Cover By The Security Guard Training Course. The lesson Plans Reflect This, And It Is These Core Duties That Any Guard Training Course Should Primarily cover;


  • To Control Access Of People To The Protected Premises.
  • To Reduce The Likelihood Of An Attack On The  Premises Or Personnel.
  • Reduce The Impact Of An Attack On A Premises Or Personnel.
  • Act As Fire Wardens For The Premises.
  • Prevent The Theft Of Company Property.
  • Remain In Post Until A Proper Handover Has Been Completed With Their Replacement.



Generally, When Companies Request Security Guard Training, The Recruitment Of Guards Has Often Given Little Or No Thought. As Well As Consideration To Their Unparalleled Access To Your Home And Work Environments; This Is Amazing! Below Are Some Points For Consideration When You Are Looking To Adopt Our Security Guard Training Course. And The Awareness Needed When Recruiting Local Individuals; 


Guards Drafted From The Regional Vicinity Can Be Favourable As They Understand The Location. There Is A Good Chance; They Would Know Who The Local Criminal Factors Are And The Local Individuals To Avoid. Nevertheless, The Security Guard Training Individuals Must Include Those From Other Provinces. Who May Not Have Strong Local Neighbourhood Ties; This Way, Hopefully, You Are Not drafting A Complete Criminal Crew In One Recruitment Drive.


Usually, Existing Neighbourhood Structures Can Be An Ideal Way To Discover Honourable Individuals And Contribute To A Companies Approval By The Regional Neighbourhood. However, Do Not Use Blind Trust As This Is Not Suitable In Any Occasion, Particularly Security. You Must Be Aware Of This When Conducting Security Guard Training.


Nepotism – “The Practice Among Those With Power Or Influence Of Favouring Relatives, Friends, Or Associates, Especially By Offering Jobs.” In Considerably Many Western Countries, Nepotism Is A Flawed Action. In Other Countries, It Is Not In The Same Way. And, If Two People’s Jobs Depend Upon The Actions Of One Person Actions. It May Be Smart To Ask Leaving Team Members To Advise Who Would Be A Trusted Family Member Or Friend For A Nominated Position. 

Guards - Security Guard Training

Finally, A Guard Must Be Physically Capable Of Carrying Out Their Tasks. However, This Can Be Balanced Concerning The Local Neighbourhood, And Possibly Recruiting An More Senior Guard Competent In Conversing With Local Wrongdoers May Be Excellent To Consider. Furthermore, In Major Cities, A Guard Is Improbable To Have A Very Elevated Status In The Local District. Employment History Will Be Extremely Challenging To Verify. Regardless, Suppose The Guard Has Performed For Another Known Company In The Past. In that case, An Applicant’s Prior Work History Needs Further Checks. Some Firms May Not Provide Direct References If A Worker is For Misconduct Or Wrongdoing, Released.

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