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Life Safety Coach Sessions Are Now Available. For More In-Depth Information Regarding Safety Coaching, Contact Us Or, Click The Following; Book A Zoom Meeting.And Look For; “Free 30 Min Intro Call.” 

What Are Life Safety Coach Sessions? Firstly, You May Have Heard Of Life Coaching And The Applications Offered To Individuals. These Include Choices, Identifying Choices, and Applying These Choices In One’s Daily Life. A Life Safety Coach Is A term Coined By Majujaya; he Is An Individual who Specialised In Personal Security & Safety.


Secondly, We Counsel & Encourage Our Clients Through Our Life Safety Coaching Sessions Who Have Safety & Security Concerns. This Is Done Through Bite Sized Sessions Conducted Through Zoom Meetings. This Will Include Topics As Follows; General Life & Travel Or Business Security Challenges. Plus, Much More. A Life Safety Coach Will Help You Reach Your Ultimate Self Awareness & Safety Goals. Our Life Safety Coaching Service Can Help Individuals With Different Areas Of Concern, Whether Perceived Or Real, In their life. These Sessions Are Bespoke and Not Cookie Cutter Answers! You Will Be Given The Tools Needed And Choices To Enable You To Conduct Your Life Within The Scope Of Safety & Awareness That We All Deserve.


Thirdly, Our Life Safety Coach Sessions Will Involve Arming You With Knowledge And Tools To Identify And Understand Completely Any Service Or Product Offered To You Locally. Furthermore, Rather Than Paying For A Service Based On Fear, Or Intimidation, We Will Arm You With The Correct Knowledge & Approach To Understand The Implications and Red Flags Of Employing Others To Be Responsible For You Or Your Family’s Security. Finally, In Doing This, We Will Empower You To Make The Correct Choices For Your Security & Safety. Thus, You Will Then Start Enjoying Your New Empowerment In A New Stress-Free Environment. You Create This For Yourself With The Help Of Our Life Safety Coach.

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