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Bug Sweeping

A Bug Enables A Third Party To Monitor Or Record A Person Or Group Of People Covertly. Our Services Can Help Identify these. There are Five Main Types:

Firstly-Recording Devices:

Records and then extract to view the footage. In essence, it records. They can come in many sizes and shapes as long as it has an SD card, power supply, and microphone. We can go to the moon and send up satellites but cannot reduce a battery source size?! We can identify suspect devices through our bug-sweeping services.

Secondly-Listening Devices:

These devices remotely monitor an area, room, or individual. This device will emit a radio frequency or cellular signal. A listening device allows you to listen. High Frequency (Short Distance) Device will require a receiving unit nearby. The receiving team can listen, record, or both in some way. Still, it should be accessible to the person who is monitoring. Our Bug Sweeping Services Can Assist You In identifying these devices.

Thirdly-Vehicle Tracking Devices:

GPS Trackers, Listening Devices. We can also do a Full Bug Sweeping Of Your Vehicles as a service.

Fourthly-Covert Cameras:

Some devices will record and send the data via a cellular or IP connection. Sometimes you have to extract the data collected if it’s a recording. Other devices might send a cellular signal which means they will transmit data through a frequency, which makes it easier to detect. Our Bug Sweeping Services Can Detect these units.


Very unlikely to find a wiretap, but wiretaps have been around as long as telephones have. Landline telephone lines use a bell wire; the only way to tap into this wire is to use a splitter by cutting into an existing wire. While putting in a third-party wire and the metal part will allow the data to come from the original wire to the third-party wire. They are allowing you to monitor the communication through the new wire. It is scarce in this day and age that we are asked to conduct Bug Sweeping Services For Wite-Taps, But it has been known.

Our Specialist team Can Visit You And Conduct A Full Bug Sweeping Service At Your Convenience.

This can include Your Business Premises, Home, And Your Vehicles. Depending On The Service Required, This Would typically not take more than One Full Day To Complete. 

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