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Firstly, The Private Investigator Services We Offer In The Surveillance Arena. We Are Currently Accepting Enquiries Within the Countries Our Teams Are Deployed. Which Is Currently in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. These Locations Will Change and Will Reflect On This Page. Subject To Demand, So, We Are Limiting Our Commitments due To Our Policy Of Quality Work Undertaken Rather Than Quantity. Secondly, We Reserve The Right To Not Accept Certain Tasks, And We Also Do Not Ever Offer Guaranteed Results. We Do, However, Guarantee Any Work Undertaken To The Best Of Our Teams Responsibility. Upon Initial Contact, We Will Require A “Client Request Form” To Be Filled Out, Outlining The Main Enquiry, Scope Of Work, Anticipated Time Frame Of Completion etc.


Thirdly, Although We Currently Work in Certain Jurisdictions In And Around Asia. Our Companies Private Investigator Services Are Available Based On Your Requirements For Surveillance Operations. Tracking Targets And Providing Photographic And Video Evidence Of Targets, Premises, Etc. Fourthly, This Has Helped Gather Evidence More Secretly and Without The Fear Of Being Known Locally. Further, Contact Us For More Information Regarding This Or Any Other Services You May Consider.

Some Of Our Cases Undertaken Include;

Our Private Investigator Services. Including Corporate Espionage, Child Custody, Abductions, Elder Abuse, Gold Diggers, Accident Fraud, Accident Scenes, & Hidden Money. The Private Investigator Can Also Find Hidden Assets, Stolen Cars or Motorcycles, Stolen Property, Stolen Art, Crypto Scammers & Schemes, Theft, Swindles, Kidnappings, Cheating Partner, Pre-Employment Background Checks, Tracking Witness & Interviewing. We Can Undertake These Requests Plus Many More. To Include Pet Recovery & Guidance On Conducting Surveillance Legally And Within The Framework Of Local laws.


By Using Our Private Investigator Services, You Agree To Furnish Us With The Correct Intelligence Through Our Initial Meetings, And Any Changes To the Scope Of Work, Timings, Locations, etc. Because Goal Posts Change And Issues Can Arise Of Which We Have No Control.

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