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Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services Is The Act Of Watching Or Listening To Someone. Firstly, This Service Is Covertly Or Overtly Done By Simply Sitting In A Bar Or Restaurant. Watching And Listening to Others, You are, To A Certain Degree Carrying Out Surveillance. Secondly, Most Of Today’s Surveillance Is Purely To Gather Evidence Or Intelligence Used To Discredit, Identify Or Prosecute individuals. The Surveillance Principles Are Long And Complex; Understanding Them Requires Practice, Dedication And Study. Thirdly, The Way Surveillance Is Done Changes All The Time With New Techniques & Innovation. It Can be Difficult To Keep Up With Continued Trends.


Before Majujaya Can Carry Out A Surveillance Mission, We Need To Consider Location, Team Requirements, And Equipment. Further, Local Conditions, The Style Of Surveillance Services Needed, The Final Goal Of The Surveillance etc. All This Pre-Planning Is Important In Our Initial Approach And Assessment. We Do Offer Field Operatives With Over 50 Years Of Global Collective Experience To Monitor Activities And Gather Evidence In Both Still Image And High-Quality Video format. On Assignment, We Will Record a Specific Target Or Event. At Majujaya, We Use Surveillance For Intelligence Gathering, Of Which We Submit ONLY To The Client.

Our Clients Who Use Our Surveillance Services

Furthermore, Our Surveillance Services Clients Include Human Rights Organizations, Lawyers, Companies And Private Individuals That Require Fact Based Imagery And Video. This Material Evidence Is Then Securely Presented To You, Our Client, With No Bias And Confidentiality Assured. We Provide a Discreet & Ethical Service Without Alerting The Subject. Finally, Our Teams Get Deployed As Combat Cameras In Hotspots Around The Globe And As Shadow Cameras In Discreet Environments.


Much Of Our Recent Surveillance Services Work Can Be Covert & Undercover. Finally, We Do Not EVER Post On Social Media Platforms Any Part Of Any Investigations We Oversee. We Conduct Ourselves Impartially When Undertaking a Contract; To Both Our Client And The Target Of Interest. When You Would Like To Schedule An Appointment At Your Convenience, Click “Book A Zoom Meeting.” And Look For; “Free 30 Min Intro Call.”

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