Our OSINT Investigator & Intelligence Gathering Service Can Build From Publicly Available Information Intelligence Which Targets An Individual Or Company. First, We Use Online Tools, Public Records, And Social Media. Our Confidential Investigator Services Strategies Include OSINT-Based Tools And Resources. Secondly, We Offer Both Instruments And Advice To Assist You. Thirdly, all communications with Our  Personal Security Consultants are Confidential And Never Shared With Any Third Party. 


Additionally, Majujaya offers OSINT Investigator Services To Private Citizens, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, And Businesses. We Can Perform Confidential Research For Legal, Financial, Or Criminal Investigations. Further, At Majujaya, Our Company Employ Discreet, Legal, And Professional Tactics To Discover Or Prevent Situations Of Harm, Deceit, And Fraud To An Individual Or Company. Also, Our Past Cases Include Corporate Espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, and Fraudulent Claims, Among Other Criminal And Civil Assignments.


Furthermore, The OSINT Investigator Service Has Been Combined With Surveillance When Needed. Consequently, We Undertake And Produce From Publicly Available Information & Intelligence Of Which Targets An Individual Or Company. We Do This By Utilizing Online Tools, Public Records, And Social Media. OSINT Gathering Is a Very Powerful Tool To Determine An Individual Or Companies Real Identity.


Finally, Majujaya Research Targets Information Extracted From Publicly Available Databases Globally To Include Mass Media, Research, Photos, And Geospatial Information. If Information Is Available That Is Non-Classified, Then We, At Majujaya, Will Find It. Generally Respected, Our OSINT Investigator Is Professional And Discreet. With The Rise Of The Internet And Social Media, Boots On The Ground Are Still Used For Certain Tasks. Majujaya Can Now Swiftly Sift Through Mountains Of Intelligence At The Stroke Of a Keyboard By Utilizing The Latest In Technology And The Best Minds In This Massive Industry.

OSINT Investigator Missions That Have Been Undertaken...

Pinpoint A Target Anywhere On The Planet. Identify RED Flags: Target Research. I Need To Check Out A Person Or Business. Check A Crypto Currency Wallet – Before Sending Funds. Blackmail & Extortion Attempts. Go Undercover Online And Be Untraceable! Remove Your Compromising Photos From The Internet. Identify Your Troll. Gathering Evidence. People Searches. Website Investigations. The Dark Web. Majujaya OSINT Investigator Services Are Available To The General Public Through Our Company.

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