Online Services

  • Pinpoint A Target Anywhere On The Planet.
  • Identify RED Flags: Target Research.
  • How To Deal With A Kidnap Situation.
  • Travelling To Unknown Destinations- What To Know.
  • Business, Villa Or Premises Security Consultancy.
  • Personal Security Checkup.
  • In The Unlikely Event Of A Hijack.
  • I Need To Check Out A Person Or Business.
  • Check A Crypto Currency Wallet – Before Sending Funds.
  • Boiler Room / Cold Calls & How To Deal With Them – Questions To Ask.
  • Blackmail & Extortion Attempts.
  • Go Undercover Online And Be Untraceable!
  • Install Spy Software On Android Or iOS Smart Phones.
  • Remove Compromising Photo’s From The Internet.
  • Plus Much More… 
  • G20 Background Security For Private Individuals. (Bali)
  • Security Travel Companion Services.
  • Tourist Shadow – Discreetly Accompany Clients To Prevent Harassments. 
  • Private Security Driver.
  • Villa Or Premises Protection – RST – (Residential Security Team Deployment)
  • Personal Security Advisor.
  • Cultural Awareness Training.
  • Concierge & Confidant Services.
  • Travel Companion.
  • Private Tour Guide Services Within Bali.
  • Personal 1on1 Safety & Security Consultancy.
  • Female Agents Available For Deployment.
  • Pre Venue, Location Security Checks.
  • Surveillance & Tracking Services.
Member Of The British Bodyguard Association.
Security Industry Authority Training Standards.
Private Investigator Services Bali.
Professional Bodyguard Services.