About Us

Welcome to Our Team. We Are Made Up Of Individuals With Specialist Skill Sets From Multiple Parts Of The Globe. Combined We Present a Professional And Friendly Service Of Which We Are Proud. We Offer Online Consultancy Services In A Variety Of Field’s to include;

  • Personal & Safety Security Training.
  • Pinpoint A Target Anywhere On The Planet.
  • Identify RED Flags: Target Research.
  • How To Deal With A Kidnap Situation.
  • Travelling To Unknown Destinations.
  • Business, Villa Or Premises Security Consultancy.
  • Personal Security Checkup.
  • In The Unlikely Event Of A Hijack.
  • I Need To Check Out A Person Or Business.
  • How To Check A Crypto Currency Wallet.
  • Boiler Room / Cold Calls & How To Deal With Them.
  • Blackmail & Extortion Attempts.
  • Go Undercover Online And Be Untraceable!

Our Personal Safety Guidance Consultants Are Available When You Are, To Advise When Needed. Our Team Includes Active Personal Protection Officer’s, (PPO’s) Close Protection Specialists, (CPO’s)  And OSINT Specialist Investigators With A Combined Experience Of Over 40 Years. Our Team Has Various Close Protection Security Experiences Including Maritime, Personal Protection, Surveillance, Residential Security, As Well As Working With Celebrities, HNW Individuals And The Private Sector.

We Have Now Extended Our Services To Include The General Public. Our Client Bases Includes Individuals From All Over The World.

With Strong Interpersonal Skills. Our Team Are Natural Communicators Who Can Advise, Brief And Develop Excellent Working Relationships. We Are Capable And Credible Working At All Levels With Tact And Understanding. With Specialized Expertise In Private Security, Personal Safety, & Private Investigations, We Conduct Online Security Consultancy Full Time And Advise Client’s  Globally.

If You Would Like Free Consultancy Appointment, Please Click To “Book A Zoom Meeting” And Look For; “Free 30 Min Intro Call.” And We Will Gladly Discuss Your Concerns With Full Confidentiality.